Dr. Joseph Rosado,MD


Dr. Joseph Rosado was born and raised in New York City. Dr. Rosado is a Consultant Medical Doctor, a professor, and a researcher with over 25 years of experience.

Dr. Rosado has been involved in medical research projects and clinical trials in the USA and was the clinical research coordinator, medical director, and chief medical officer of the research center.

Dr. Rosado also held a position as a clinic director at the Clinica Biblica and team physician for the Instituto Costarricense de Recreo y Deporte (ICODER), translated to the Costa Rican Institute of Recreation and Sports, as well as members of the Costa Rican Olympic team.

Dr. Rosado also worked as a professor at Universidad Central del Este in the Dominican Republic, Steven’s Henager College in Murray, Utah, Herzing College in Orlando, Florida, and Kaplan University.

Dr. Rosado also served as the Director of the Communicable Disease Division/Epidemiology and Immunization departments as well as a Consultant Physician at St. Johns County Health Department in Florida. He then worked as the Clinic and Lab Director of a Community Mental Health Center, also in St. Augustine where he provided primary care and addiction treatments, as well as, alternative methods in the management and treatment of behavioral and hormonal imbalances. While he was there, he participated in two clinical trials.

Dr. Rosado also worked at Tricounty Hospital in Williston, Florida as the medical director of the hospital and also worked in a private practice with the Institute of Medical and Cardiovascular Excellence (IME/ICE) in Williston and The Villages providing primary and functional/regenerative care.

Dr. Rosado is currently a Consultant primary care physician in Orange City, Florida utilizing his extensive training in conventional and alternative medicines, i.e., Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement therapy for both men and women. Dr. Rosado also works in medical weight loss and Aesthetic Medicine, i.e., Botox and JuvaDerm Fillers.

Dr. Rosado has developed our X-ray and MRI

courses for Physical Therapists.